Student Visit from our Partner

Taking samples from the tidal flats of Hilbre Island

Post by Dong Chenyin.

I’m a student from the State Key Laboratory for Estuary and Coastal Research at East China Normal University, which is a partner institution with the School of Environmental Sciences at Liverpool.  I recently received funding from East China Normal University to undertake some collaborative field and laboratory research with Prof. Andy Plater on the Dee Estuary.  My area of research is the examination of magnetic properties in sediments to investigate environmental processes and the source of sediment in the Dee. I also aim to see how these sediment sources have changed through time as a result of sea-level rise, catchment land-use and estuary geomorphology.  I’m just back from sampling the tidal flats near Hilbre Island – it was such a beautiful place and very windy (see photo)!  I hope to soon be collecting samples from the River Dee and Liverpool Bay to characterise the different source areas.  I am very much enjoying my stay at Liverpool – and have enjoyed meeting the students who came to my laboratory in April this year and in 2011. Jenny and Vicky even came to meet me at the airport with a home-made flag that had my name on it!

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