It’s not just any Christmas Party… it’s a Roxby Christmas Party!

Every office has its night out to celebrate Christmas. The Geography staff and postgraduates who populate the Roxby Building are no exception. And so, on the penultimate day before the University closed for Christmas we had our annual Roxby Christmas Party. Suzanne Yee and Bev Todd co-ordinated people bringing along food and refreshments, Andy Davies gathered people’s favourite party tunes on Spotify, and the Discipline Head of Geography had the bright idea of party-goers dressing up as pantomime characters.

Roxby partay 1

At 4pm, the masses started to gather in the SCR on the top floor of the Roxby: the place with THE best view of Liverpool, and the best location for the #HEtree 2012. Amongst other characters, we were treated to Captain Hook, Snow White, Dick Whittington, Dick Whittington’s cat, Puss in Boots, Dopey from the Seven Dwarves (not a smurf!), Cinderella(s), the Three Blind Mice, the Fairy Godmother, Robin Hood, the Woodcutter – and a Pantomine Horse! The effort in the fancy dress was incredible – not just impressive tailoring but also technique training; Rich Chiverrell and Mark Riley had clearly practised cavorting in unison as a pantomime horse. In spite of impressive efforts from Bethan Evans as Dick Whittington (including three generations of ownership in her costume) and Suzanne Yee as Puss in Boots, the winner of the fancy dress was Karen Halsall as Snow White – much of her costume being hand-made!

Roxby partay 2

The evening proceeded with a fabulous buffet supper, accompanied by mulled wine, home brew and a full range of soft drinks! Soon we were on to the cereal box game (won by Marco), and thence to the tin can challenge (won by Alex Nurse). Team make-up followed, with the best effort being judged by Andy Plater to be Bev Todd and Mark Riley – mainly for an impressive bit of artwork on Bev’s forehead. The combined playlist eventually got people on the dancefloor, although the kitchen-cum-cocktail bar remained a popular venue until late in the evening. By this time, the carriages for most of the pantomime characters had been and gone to avoid reverting into pumpkins and mice, although a few hardened pantomime characters headed off to Bumper to sup from a glass slipper.

Roxby partay 3

Various Cinderellas returned early in the morning to clear up – as directed by the Ugly Sisters (no names given). Most notable amongst them was Barbara Mauz who innocently asked what job was left to do. Almost an hour of hoovering followed!
Happy Holidays everyone!!
The Principal Boy


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