Exciting New ESRC North West Doctoral Training Centre CASE Award in the Geography


By Karyn Morrissey

‘Quantifying the Economic Value of the Data obtained from Gauging Stations in Scotland: A Users Perspective’ This ESRC CASE award, http://www.nwdtc.ac.uk/, is an exciting inter-disciplinary studentship that will use non-market valuation techniques to value the river gauging system in Scotland. The student will work with supervisors in the University of Liverpool, Department of Geography and Planning (Dr. Karyn Morrissey and Dr. Neil MacDonald) and a supervisor in the Scottish Environment Agency to extend current valuation methodologies to the valuation of the river gauging system in Scotland.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) monitors river water level and quality at 392 gauging stations throughout Scotland. Data on river flow and water quality is used by a diverse range of interest groups, including industry, water authorities, wildlife and water managers, hydrologists, recreational and industrial fishers among others; but most importantly Category 1 Emergency Responders and local populations are reliant on the data produced by the gauging stations to provide flood warnings. Data from gauging stations inform the management of water resources to help meet Water Framework Directive Objectives, the design of new infrastructure on and across flood plains, and have been increasingly used by scientists and policy practitioners to evaluate the impact of changes in land use and climate change. The data obtained from river gauging stations are thus a public good and accrue benefits above their market value, but to date no evaluation of the economic benefit has been made. The aim of this project is to examine the value of the data provided by river gauging stations in Scotland, using non-market valuation techniques, specifically choice experiments (CE).

For any student that is interested in apply for this exciting studentship; the criteria are as follows:

Students need to have a good degree (first class or upper second) in Geography (physical and/or human), Environmental Science/Management or Economics.

Please contact, Email Karyn Morrissey for further information.


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