Secret Diary of a… Leverhulme Fellow

Here’s a little insight into the trials and tribulations of an academic once the media takes an interest in exciting new research findings – and why shouldn’t they!! Gemma Catney, our Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow, has recently experienced a massive increase in media demand as her work on emerging trends in ethnic and social segregation in England and Wales goes viral.


A recent excerpt from Gemma’s diary is a great illustration of her recent fame and fortune:

Census Briefing: “Has Neighbourhood Ethnic Segregation Decreased?” published in February’s issue of The Dynamics of Diversity: evidence from the 2011 Census.
27th Feb: University of Liverpool issued the full press release:
27th Feb: My research is featured in The Guardian!
28th Feb: Interview with BBC Radio Lancashire (download here)
3rd March: Interview with BBC Radio Manchester (download here)
3rd March: Interview with BBC Radio Three Counties (download here)
4th March: Interview with BBC Radio Manchester (download here)
The Guardian article and radio interviews have been tweeted/facebooked all over the shop!
6th March am: Presentation to Prof. Gordon Marshall, Director of the Leverhulme Trust
6th March pm: Seminar as part of Engage ‘How to’ series (on ‘How to measure ethnic diversity and ‘segregation’) – filmed, to be put on YouTube in due course!
7th March: Tweet by Leverhulme Trust on my research.

Gemma is taking a weekend sabbatical to draw breath – and then it will be on to preparing for the one-day Demos event on 3rd April at Birkbeck College on ‘Diversity and the White Working Class: white flight, anti-immigration politics and integration’, which will include responses from Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat MP for Bermondsey, Frank Field, Labour MP for Birkenhead, and Gavin Barwell, Conservative MP for Croydon Central.

No doubt you’ll soon be seeing Gemma alongside Prof. Brian Cox celebrating the wonders of the human race on TV!! Until then, you’ll find Gemma continuing with her research.

I’m very happy to tell you that we are all very proud of Gemma here in Geography at Liverpool!

by Andy Plater
Discipline Head for Geography
Department of Planning and Geography
School of Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science and Engineering


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