1st Year Fieldclass: day 1 in the Butharlyp Howe

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By Richard Chiverrell

9.00 am and all present and correct 28 intrepid first years set off from a snowy Liverpool via a snow-free Lancashire into a very snowy Lake District, thank god for that, last night was mildly concerned we would not get here. Particularly as the minibus slid most of the way across the Wirral in the snows when I took it home last night.

A quick and very warm welcome at the hostel, the rooms allocated, the 29th student arrived and we were set. Full cold weather gear in hand, we set off to explore the delights of Far Easedale and Easedale Tarn, snow everywhere, big drifts waist deep, snowballs a-flying. A quick run through glacial geomorphology, landscape history, the Neil Macdonald “stone age people, what did the Roman’s ever us??? Vikings, monks and the agricultural revolution in a chilly 3-4 minutes”, we stomped our way around the landscape including a detour to Easedale Tarn and a difficult descent in slippery conditions that everyone survived…..

A warm hostel awaited with luxury hot chocolate (cream, marshmellows, lovely yummmmmm), and a brief rest before a stonking meal, now stuffed with soup, fresh bread rolls, baked potatoes, bolognaise, and a sticky bun and custard. Rolling, a minor rest with a pint of Cockerhoop to plan for tomorrow. Rivers and slopes, and snow stability and shear measurements await…….


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