Blogging, public geographies and academic writing

Blog post by Dr Andy Davies, Lecturer here in Human Geography

Andy Davies's Blog

A discussion piece I wrote for Dialogues in Human Geography came out over the weekend. It’s useful to flag up here because the topic under discussion is the practice of academic blogging, and comes from a paper by some of the academics who write on the Ireland After NAMA blog. Dialogues in HG is also on a free trial period at the moment, so I think it should be available to those without a subscription.

I’ve not had a chance to read the other responses properly yet, but it looks like there are some interesting questions raised about the nature of ‘public’ geography, and the politics of knowledge circulation to link to only two.

This isn’t a type of writing I’ve really experimented with too much before, but its been a good experience, and it’s now interesting to see how others responded to the original paper, as well as…

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