Postgrad’s First Publication

Matt Wallace – a postgraduate here at Liverpool – writes:

I have (just this week) published my first research paper (co-authored by Dr Hill Kulu) in Population, Space and Place – the leading journal of spatial population analysis. The paper is based on my MA dissertation and investigates the health status (measured by self-assessed limiting long-term illness) of those who move from England to Scotland and vice versa against the non-migrant populations in the two countries. The paper tests two theories, the “Healthy Migrant Effect” (the idea that individuals positively select for health before migration) and “Salmon Bias” (negative selection by health upon remigration to the origin country). Evidence for good health among migrants was found at working ages for both English and Scottish movers; no evidence was found to support a “Salmon Bias”. The paper is titled Migration and Health in England and Scotland: a Study of Migrant Selectivity and Salmon Bias and can be found by following the link below.  The project was funded by the Population Investigation Committee (PIC).

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