The Anthropocene Review – a new, peer-review international journal.

 The Department of Geography and Planning, School of Environmental Sciences, is the base from which a new journal has just being launched – The Anthropocene Review – to be published by SAGE. The Editor is Professor Frank Oldfield ( Current Geography and Planning PhD student Dan Schillereff ( has the role of Editorial Assistant, with special responsibility for Social Media, in particular developing and maintaining the blog:

The blog provides much more information on the aims and scope of the journal, the Editorial Board and includes a Hub Bibliography for those interested in delving further into the notion of the Anthropocene.

The Editorial, authored by members of the Editorial Board, is available Open Access from the SAGE website:

Anyone with suggestions, ideas or is interested in contributing to the blog is welcome to contact Frank and/or Dan. Authors seeking to submit a manuscript to The Anthropocene Review are advised, in the first instance, to contact Frank (or another member of the Editorial Board) and submit a short proposal (no longer than 300 words). Proposals should allow non-specialist members of the Editorial Board to understand the aims, scope and content of the intended contribution.

Frank Oldfield


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