A semester abroad

By Anna Durbacz, 2nd year BA Geography

My semester abroad in Hong Kong went far too quickly, especially the second half of the semester, after reading week.

Reading week was a real highlight of my semester. One of my chosen geography modules included a compulsory field trip into Guangdong Province, mainland China, to look at the differences between rural and urban lifestyles. There were only two other exchange students who look the field class, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to fully integrate myself with the local students. The scenery was amazing, we saw karst landscapes and terraced rice fields. The activities included trekking to a mountain village, interviewing the local people and visiting a primary school.  I felt that I witnessed first-hand the issues that are facing the people of China whose lives are focused only on the rural economy. This experience has made me very interested in China, and what the future holds for China.


Academically I feel that I have benefitted hugely from my time abroad. It is always very interesting being taught by and gaining an understanding of people with different approaches and different takes on the world.  The workload was heavy,  but manageable. Exam period at HKU, like every exam period, was quite intense with multiple early starts in the library.

As the exams were before Christmas it left us all with an awesome opportunity to see some more of Asia before heading  back home to Liverpool. Before last summer I didn’t have any experience of any Asian culture, now I have had the chance to visit several Asian countries. The culture in Hong Kong is fascinating, it is completely multidimensional with different influences from throughout Asia and the world .  The city is so contradictory, Chinese & western, old & ultra-modern, densely populated yet with large rural areas. The general lifestyle in Hong Kong was very active, when we were not travelling, most weekends were spent hiking in the New Territories, swimming at the beaches or playing tennis. All the sporting facilitates at HKU were free  to students.


The opportunity of study abroad is completely unique, it enables you to fully immerse into the place in which you are studying. Without sounding cheesy, this experience has broadened my horizons, not only in an academic way but in every sense.  The experiences and friends that I made during my time abroad will stay with me for a long time. I cannot express in words how much I loved my time abroad and I would suggest if anyone had a similar opportunity to take it instantaneously.


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