Edinburgh Field Class 2014 Photo Competition

Post By Dr. Paul Williamson

Congratulations to Polly Oates and Ben Berkson, joint winners of our 2014 Edinburgh Field Class photo competition.

Here are their winning entries:

'Just say no' by Ben Berkson

‘Just say no’ by Ben Berkson

'The Edinburgh Perspective' by Polly Oates

‘The Edinburgh Perspective’ by Polly Oates

The field class took place in mid-April and saw 26 Year 2 BA Geographers and 2 staff heading north, braving a week of intermittent rain and gales in order to put into practice a variety of research skills acquired over the last year and a half of study.

These included interviewing Members of the Scottish Parliament; surveying any member of the public unable to run away fast enough; focus groups with local activists; and participant observation of the local nightlife.

This year students researched topics as diverse as sauna licensing and Scottish independence:

Word cloud generated from student project titles

Word cloud generated from student project titles

The final part of the field class focused on data analysis, ranging from graphs and tables of survey results, discourse analysis of interview responses and as the map below shows, mapping of the relationship between deprivation and sauna location:

Blog image 4

One headline finding from surveys carried out by students studying Scottish independence was that Edinburgh says ‘no’ to independence:Blog image 5

You heard it here first!

The Edinburgh Field Class is just part of our wider three-year field class programme, which includes trips to North Wales, the Lake District, Spain, California and Singapore. All of these trips are designed an ethos of ‘learning by doing’. Or, in Edinburgh’s Case, ‘learning by doing whilst dodging showers and battling strong equinoctial gale’. Happy Days!


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