Cruise 1 Leg 2: Transect completions coming thick and fast…..

Britice-Chrono NERC Consortium

By Richard Chiverrell

The leaving of Killybegs The leaving of Killybegs

The Britice-Chrono Cruise through the Celtic, Irish and Malin Seas, and onwards around Ireland takes, in order, the Transects T4 (Irish Sea West), T3 (Irish Sea East), T7 (Malin Sea – Barra fan), T6 (Donegal) and T5 (Galway – Porcupine Bank). Leg 1 ran from Friday 18th July to Monday 4th August culminating with three cores as part of the Malin Sea transect, before our efforts in Donegal Bay were curtailed by rising seas and inclement weather. The port stop in Killibegs in northwest Ireland was a welcome break and chance to recharge batteries. It was also change time in terms of the Science Crew, with James Scourse, Sara Benetti, Fabio Sacchetti and Dan Praeg taking leave of the ship. Joining in Killybegs were Stephen Livingstone and Kevin Schiele, and Jenny Gales switched from BGS crew to the Science team for the second…

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